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Designation: Component for access to Interbase and Firebird database servers
Prerequisites: C++ Builder 5 or 6 and Interbase Express (IBX)
This component is a direct TDataSet descendant which could be integrated seamless with all other existing IBX components. It links to the same components (TIBDatabase, TIBTransaction) and uses the same core component (TIBSQL) like TIBTable and TIBDataSet internally.

It's special purpose is to access large datasets without some of the restrictions you will find when using TIBTable and TIBDataSet. For example on navigating to a specific record via key values in contrast to the standard IBX controls only the records necessary for display will be fetched and buffered. Also committing and restarting a transaction will not invalidate the current record pointer. Therefore several queries are maintained interally and will be adjusted dynamically on runtime.

The following features among others are supported:
Definition of multiple sort-orders between which you could simply switch on runtime. The current record is allways maintained.
Client side filtering
Server side filtering. Therefore it is possible to access the WHERE clause of the current query through a property and modify it during runtime. The current record is maintained also in this case (as long as it meetes the new filter conditions).
Client side generator support for implementation of autoincrement fields.
Support of optimistic and pessimistic locking.
Method for refreshing only the current record.
Method for refreshing all displayed records. The current record is maintained.
GotoKey method for locating on specific records. This gives you the ability to implement incremental searching in an easy and powerful way. Also here only the records necessary for display will be fetched.
New records will be inserted into the correct position according to the currently selected sort order.
Bookmarks stay valid after closing and reopening the dataset. It is even possible to use a bookmark on multiple datasets having the same primary key (e.g. for syncronisation purpose).
On hard commits the current record will be maintained. A call to Commit and StartTransaction does not influence the displayed records (similar to CommitRetaining) but you also benefit from a change of the OAT.
More detailed information can be obtained from the documentation which is available online in Adobe Acrobat Format here.
This component is part of our EC component suite. Further information is available here.